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1-on-1 Mentorship with a Trading Guru allows you to become proficient at whatever your focus is inside of the trading world. Whether you're a beginner or need to master what you've already learned, our Gurus will help you succeed!
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What's included?

Recorded Learn as You go Academy, Top Notch Trading Tools, 1-on-1 Sessions, Group Sessions, Live Trading Sessions, AI Trading Robot & More!

The Guru Academy

On Demand Learn at your own pace courses are where you start. These pre-recorded classes will get you the foundations to start on your trading journey. 

G-Trade Indicator Access

The Exclusive G-Trade Indicator by The Forex Gurus is an automated signal tool to help you find the best entires in the market. 

The G-Trade Signals App

For new and intermediate traders it's important to help them have trade ideas so they can see how experienced traders are looking at the market. With our G-Trades you get to see inside of the Gurus trading minds! 

Guru TV - Live Sessions

Six days a week The Gurus come together on the Guru TV Streaming Service to trade with the students, answer questions and teach them strategies that have been reviewed.

1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions

Every student needs individualized time because everyone is on a different trading journey. With the Mentorship Program you get two one hour 1-on-1 Mentorship sessions with a guru every month.

Group Mentorship Sessions

We've learned that Group Mentorship sessions are a powerful tool. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 8:30pm ET we offer a group Mentorship session where we cover classroom content from mindset, education, chart markups and reviewing materials covered. 

Exclusive Discounts

When you're in the mentorship program you get access to 95% of what we do included. From time to time we offer specialized content, opportunities and trainings. When this happens we will always make sure the students get a special exclusive discount for those items.

The Guru AI Trading Bot

The Exclusive Guru AI Trading Bot is a Automated Trading Tool that allows you to be able to make money through artificial technology. While we never make guarantees or promises we can say the results speak for themselves! Click Here to See!
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Become the Guru w/1-on1 Mentorship

This is our most valuable membership. It comes with Access to our entire Recorded Academy, Our G-Trade Signal Ideas App, The G-Trade Indicator, Two Weekly Live Trading Sessions & Two 1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions with Forex Guru.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are your Live Trading Sessions Scheduled for?

Our mentorship Program includes many live trading sessions weekly below is our current schedule in Eastern Time.

Monday - 10:00pm
Tuesdays - 9:00am 
Wednesday - NO SESSION
Thursday - 9:00am
Friday - 7:30pm
Saturday - 10:00am
Sunday - 9:00pm

That said, don't worry if you're not able to make the call due to other obligations we'll be sure to send our Trade Ideas that we find on the call in our G-Trades App!

What time are the evening mentorship sessions held?

Our Live Group Mentorship Calls are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 8:30pm Eastern Time. If for any reason you're not able to make the call we always have it recorded and loaded into the backoffice within 24 hours to ensure that you can catch up with us! Also, we have our 1-on-1 Sessions and live chat to make sure you can ALWAYS reach a Guru!

How do I setup my 1-on-1 Mentorship Session?

Once you're logged in and have purchased the package that includes the 1-on-1 sessions you'll see the link that will allow you to schedule your 1-on-1 Mentorship Session. The Mentorship Package includes two of those per month.

When do I have to pay for the Mentorship Program and is there a contract?

The mentorship program is a monthly deal. There's no contracts or commitments and you're able to cancel your subscription at anytime! If you don't see the button to do so in the member center then feel free to reach out via chat and we'll help you out! You can also upgrade or downgrade packages at anytime as well!

I'm new to trading how do I know this is for me?

This is our favorite type of student. Our intro academy has all of the basics to get you familiar with terminology and understanding of the trading markets. We will ease you into this with a proven process. We look forward to seeing your growth in trading.

What exactly is the Guru Academy and what's included?

The Most Amazing thing about our Mentorship program is that we have a prerecorded learn at your own pace academy! It's also included in your monthly membership fee without any extra costs. The Academy will start at the very beginning and teach your the basics of forex, terminology and then once you've shown that you're understanding the knowledge the system will automatically open more courses for you!
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