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1 Hour Mentorship Session

Valuta Learning Academy is a comprehensive online platform offering expert Forex mentorship, designed to help individuals master the art of Forex trading. Our Forex Gurus are highly experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Forex market. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned trader looking to take your skills to the next level, our 1 on 1 Forex mentorship program is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. In addition to Forex training, we offer courses on Financial Literacy and Tax Advice to help you build a solid foundation in money management and financial planning. At Valuta Learning Academy, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the financial world. Join us today and start your journey to financial freedom.

Course Lessons

Meet the Mentor

Max Gore

Max has been trading for the past 10 years. With a purpose to help people and the mindset that anything is attainable he set out on a journey to mentor others. The Valuta Learning Academy is a proud program that he has fostered into what it is today. With his leadership, determination, mindset, eloquent way of teaching and understanding of the Foreign Exchange Market, Real Estate Investing & so much more he will lead you onto a path of success.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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