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Get Funded Today! Pass the Funded Challenge by Valuta

Get Funded Today! We will pass your 2 phase challenge with a Forex Prop Firm in 30 Trading Days or Less.
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Frequently asked questions

 Is This Legit? Is This A Scam?

We have over 500 clients within our Telegram community chat that you get access to once you join. As well as the most Prop Firm results any company could ever show you. Don't believe us? Join our Facebook Group for More Feedback from people that have already successfully passed the Challenge!

 Is There Any Risk Management Used On The Accounts?

Yes absolutely, we carefully plan out the right SL's for our trades to make sure the accounts are always in good standing and not violating the daily drawdown rules, we also use Equity Protection on all of our accounts as an extra layer of security.

 How Much Can I Make Per Month On My Funded Account?

The Sky is the limit! We have seen gains on 15% to 25% on initial challenge balance using our Proprietary Strategy & Automated System. Keep in mind, once you pass it's yours! Ask us about managing your funded account!

 Can I Get My Funded Account Managed Once I Pass The Challenge?

Yes, you can stay enrolled in our account management and automation services after receiving your funded account. Please speak to a Valuta team member for more information on this.

 What Are The Best Prop-Firms To Work With?

We have a special relationship with FCFF, however... you can actually use any prop firm you like we just know who's most affordable, reputable and pays on time!

Why choose us? We know Valuta!

We will help you unlock your maximum account potential with our funded trader program! After all, we do teach Valuta!
  • Qualify with as little as 10 trading days. A trading day counts as 6 PM one day to 5 pm the next day. 
  • With our live trailing threshold, you never have to worry about daily drawdown. You can monitor this live in the software we provide you.
  • Our system caps your positions, so you will never be stopped out for trading more contracts in evaluation or funded accounts.
  • You won't fail because you traded your normal day to day system during a news announcement!
  • You can trade on holidays and during news from 6PM ET to 4:59 PM ET.
  • Hit your profit target before you hit your max drawdown with 10 days of trading, and you qualify!
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