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Benefits of Joining Valuta Learning

The Forex Gurus have designed the most motivating learning path for you.

2000+ HOURS

The Valuta Team record all sessions and specialized trainings. We have a complete academy set up to assist a student in excelling in the Financial world. Whether you're trading, investing, or gaining other skills we've got it all!

Globally Oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately set up their business and start offering their services around the globe. We pride ourselves in having over 500 Students around the globe.

For Your Future

Whether you want to boost your financial knowledge within trading and investing or you're working to grow at your own strategies in the world, this is the way to get you started!
Crypto is the Future, Prepare with The Gurus!

Crypto Academy Launching Soon!

Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of currencies and platforms in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape? Unsure of how to navigate this new environment effectively?

Joining our program will equip you with the skills to confidently enter and thrive in the world of digital currencies. You'll learn essential strategies for starting, capturing, and maximizing value in the crypto market. With our guidance, you'll leave with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in this dynamic industry.


Regardless of your background or identity, you'll find a warm welcome here. We embrace diversity and strive to be a melting pot within the E-Learning Community.

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"When I first started trading, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about what signals to follow. Any hint of a trade reversal would send me into a panic, doubting every decision I made. However, since joining The Forex Gurus just a few months ago, I've undergone a remarkable transformation. With their guidance, I've gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to execute trades confidently. Each live session is a valuable learning experience, and the recorded sessions allow me to revisit and reinforce my understanding. If you're debating whether it's worth it, let me assure you – I couldn't imagine being anywhere else but with The Gurus."

"I can't speak highly enough about the live trading sessions with The Forex Gurus! It's truly remarkable how they prioritize each participant, taking the time to address questions, dissect market trends, and demonstrate the impact of breaking news. The personalized attention during these sessions makes you feel like you're the sole focus. What sets The Forex Gurus apart is their unwavering transparency and commitment to never leaving you hanging. Engaging in their live trading sessions feels like chatting with a trusted friend while simultaneously gaining invaluable insights and earning profits. In my experience, no other company matches the level of dedication and support provided by The Gurus' mentors."
marus johnson
"I've been part of The Forex Gurus community for the past 6 months, and I must say, Max is incredibly reliable and accountable. Having been a trader for over a year before joining The Gurus, I deeply regret not starting with them from the beginning. With their guidance, I'm not only earning profits but also continuously expanding my knowledge base. The Guru Educational platform is packed with comprehensive materials that I believe are essential for every trader, regardless of experience level. What truly sets The Gurus apart is their accessibility and commitment to offering personalized mentorship sessions. Thanks to Max and the team for their unwavering support in helping me elevate my trading skills to new heights."

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